Lana And Aleister Black Has Heated Conversation On Twitter


Lana is not really happy with the new NXT call ups getting opportunities. She also took digs at the tag teams in WWE to heat up newly formed Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura’s tag team.

Lana and Aleister Black has recently exchanged some heated words on Twitter. Lana mentioned Aleister Black is ordinary and has a misfit body which he hides behind his tattoos.

Lana wrote, A dream team? We have Aleister who is so ordinary & insecure he had to tattoo his entire body to fit in with the misfits. Ricochet who just flips all over the ring with no emotion like the cirque du soleil & then we have the legends…THE HARDY’s returning for the 17000th time!YAY

In response, Aleister Black called Lana’s body 100% enhanced. Interesting words from someone who’s body is 90% “enhanced”.

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