WWE/UFC News: Bobby Lashley makes fun of Conor McGregor, “He is too small, we will not put big titles on him”

First Roman Reigns, Now Bobby Lashley makes fun of Conor McGregor over possibly join WWE!!

Bobby Lashley Conor McGregor WWE

WWE star Bobby Lashley recently announces that he will do one more fight in Bellator MMA when his WWE contract expires. He said that he will return to MMA again after SummerSlam PPV. But seems like before that he may face UFC star Conor McGregor’s trash words.

Yup… It’s right. Bobby Lashley recently stated that Conor McGregor is too small and even if he joins WWE, We will not put big titles on him. Even a few months back, Roman Reigns makes fun of UFC star Conor McGregor. Reigns said McGregor is too small and 205 Live is the best place for him.

Bobby Lashley recently spoke to Skysports and discussed Conor McGregor possibly join WWE”

“I think he wants to [join the WWE], he’s been talking a lot,” Lashley said. “Conor is one of those guys that will shoot first and then shake hands later. He did it last year when he tried to call out the wrestlers. I think he’ll have a good opportunity to come over here and shake things up, run his mouth a little bit and bring some notoriety. I’d like to see him in. It would be cool.”

He added “I think he wants to be here, If he wants to be here he might have to try and find a role. We’re not going to put a big title on him, he’s way too small.”

Why WWE star makes fun of Conor McGregor??

Back in 2016, There was a trash talk between UFC star Conor McGregor and WWE Stars. He said all WWE stars are P**s and use talk of trash words. Later in a reply, WWE stars also use trash words on him. Inbetween the trash words scenario, Chief brand officer of WWE Stephanie McMahon said McGregor you will not do what these superstars can do.

Now in 2019, Becky Lynch won the RAW and SmackDown women’s title at WrestleMania 35 and her country mate Conor McGregor congratulate her. McGregor also gives a reply to Stephanie McMahon’ above statement he said, can he try pro wrestling?? Later Stephanie McMahon said Try it.

Now, Conor McGregor is too small in size and as per Roman Reigns “McGregor is his size of leg”. WWE stars have already started to make fun of McGregor. After the McGregor will join WWE news will go viral then plenty of WWE star may involve in trash talk and makes fun of McGregor.

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